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Our Story

At Whitluck's, we’re passionate people. We have a passion for pipes. We believe it’s the finest form of tobacco smoking and we’d like to share it with the world. Our tobacco pipes introduce exceptional artisan-quality craftsmanship at an affordable price-point. Pipe smoking beginners and collectors alike will enjoy these carefully crafted designs – providing you with the superior sensation of pipe smoking.

Whitluck’s are passionate about our environment too. We make sure that all our pipes are sourced from sustainable woods and produced with minimal environmental impacts. Taking the time to care for our environment makes our pipes all the better, so why not try for yourself?


Our Approach

Exceptional Quality

Pipe smokers expect their tobacco pipes to be as reliable as they are distinguished. Whitluck's designs their handmade wooden pipes with this exact philosophy.

Ethical Factory

We only partner with workshops that follow ethical sourcing practices and produce high-quality hand-crafted products. We visit them often and build strong personal relationship.

Recycled Package

Our tobacco pipe is using biodegradable and recyclable packaging material with FSC certified.

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