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Exceptional Craftsmanship

Pipe smokers expect their tobacco pipes to be as reliable as they are distinguished. Whitluck's designs their handmade wooden pipes with this exact philosophy.

On the outside, the polished ebony wood catches the eye, while the large recessed bowl rests perfectly in the smoker's palm. Inside, the smooth, moulded smoke chamber allows for an even smoke displacement, clean draw, and even burn.

Waxed Canvas Pipe Roll (Patent Pending)

Harking back to the days of ocean explores voyaging into the unknown, our new waxed canvas pipe pouch is rugged, weatherproof and only gets better with age.

Its design has travelling in mind and fits easily into a regular sized bag. Fully unfolded it provides the ideal platform for packing your pipe while on the go. Our pipe pouch will easily fit inside a travel bag, a car glove compartment and fits snugly in the palm of your hand. There’s plenty of space to fit the included accessories, such as the tamper, pipe cleaners, filters, as well as a standard tobacco pouch, your lighter, and it comfortably fits up to two pipes.

Some finer details about our new pipe pouch


  • Dual pipe holders to keep your primary and backup pipes ready to go. Each can be buttoned in place and secured with a protective material covering the bowl.
  • A large pocket that uses an air-tight and ‘smell proof’ zipper to help keep your tobacco moist and everything else clean.
  • Multi-layered pockets to keep your accessories secure, with plenty of room for other essentials too.
  • Canvas strap to elegantly wrap around the pouch and ensure you always keep your pipes snug and secure, whether you’re travelling light or fully loaded.

Beginner's Guide to Pipe Smoking

Smoking a pipe can help free you from the stresses of modern life, help you to both focus and relax. Enjoying the smoking of a pipe is just as much about the ritual as it is the tobacco.

To help you to make the most of your new pipe, we created an easy-to-follow beginners guide to pipe smoking E-Book (get in touch with us to get hold of your free copy). Additionally, we now include a smart e-guide to introduce you to our waxed canvas pipe pouch and instruct you on how to clean and care for it.

The Whitluck's Tobacco Pipe Kit includes:


  • 1 x handmade wood smoking pipe
  • 1 x waxed canvas pipe roll
  • 1 x leather pipe stand
  • 1 x 3-in-1 pipe tool
  • 1 x beginners guide for smoking pipes and care guide for waxed canvas pipe roll
  • 5 x pipe screens
  • 10 x pipe filters (9mm)
  • 10 x pipe cleaners

Handmade Tobacco Pipe with Waxed Canvas Pipe Roll, Wood Smoking Pipe Gift Set

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